XPress is a complete piping system which consists of press fittings, tubes and press tools. XPress is available in 3 materials: XPress Carbon, Stainless and Copper. XPress is light weight and can be installed in a quick, easy and clean way for various applications such as heating, cooling, plumbing and industrial purposes.

XPress Carbon, Copper and Stainless

XPress products meet the standards for potable water, gas, shipbuilding, fire protection and others, resulting in validation by a large number of certificates. On top of that, the broad product range includes excellent quality press tools.


XPress is a commercially attractive solution, reliably supplied at the appropriate price to quality ratio by our widespread distribution network. With a skilled customer support and high quality delivery performance XPress can justifiably be classified as a premium brand in press fittings and is recognized by an increasing number of new and existing international customers.

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XPress Carbon and Stainless: pre-marked installation depth and 100% colour coding

13 September 2013

Installation made easy A pre-marked insertion depth marking is now standard on all XPress Stainless and Carbon fittings in the dimensions 12 up to 54...

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XPress Copper: Multi-Port

16 July 2013

Why use four fittings when XPress Copper Multi-Port does it in one? Along with other products in the XPress range, the XPress Copper Multi-Port...

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